Ball For a Cause Tournament Rules

Initial Possession:

Will be decided by heads or tails. Lower Seed team will call heads or tails. Winner of this will have first possession.

Game length:

15 minutes (running clock) or first team to 11 points (each basket worth 1 point)


Any basket made inside of the 3point arc is worth 1 point. Basket that are made outside of the 3point arc are worth 2 points.

Defensive Rebound/Possession:

Each team must clear the ball at 3point line

No Make It Take It:

The ball changes possession after each scored basket.


Each team is allowed 1 timeout per game. The timeout is valid for up to 1 minute.


If the game is tied after 15 minutes, the same initial possession process will apply, but with the higher seed calling heads or tails. First team to 3 points wins.

Personal Fouls:

The referee will record each personal foul. Five team fouls will result in an automatic free throw (each additional foul) for the opposing team. Whether free throw is made or not, possession will go back to the team that received the foul penalty.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct:

The officials and/or tournament supervisors have the authority to disqualify any player who conducts themselves in an unsportsmanlike manner.

Player Injuries:

Any player, who is bleeding or hurt, will be removed from the game immediately. The tournament supervisor will have the authority in deciding if the player is eligible to return into the game. Participants are responsible for any and all costs arising from injury or property damage through participation.